Children's Dentistry

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Children's Dentistry 

Of the many ways children learn to care for themselves as they get older, brushing their teeth is an important lesson, next to how to pick out clothes and make sure all of their chores are done. As a family dentist, Dr. John Rohm understands how to show children the best ways to brush and floss and how a dentist helps them have bright, sparkling smiles. 

If you’re looking for a friendly dentist, visit Dr. John Rohm for children’s dental cleanings in Imperial, PA.

Introducing Kids to the Family Dentist

First impressions are important in many parts of life, and kids are particularly impressionable. Many children have less-than-great visits with a dentist and learn to avoid those experiences later. Kids may even inherit dental anxiety from parents who had negative experiences themselves as children. However, Dr. Rohm understands kids who have never been to the family dentist are a blank slate, and that initial visit is an essential part of making them feel confident and happy.

For children’s first dental visit in Imperial, Dr. Rohm offers the experienced, and friendly care kids need to enjoy healthy smiles. Dr. Rohm has over 30 years of treating families and children and looks forward to making the difference in your child’s dental health.

Friendly Dental Services for Children

The most significant dental experiences for patients of a young age are education and basic, essential prevention. Many adults take oral health education as a given, but we all have to start somewhere. Dr. Rohm shows kids how to use a toothbrush and why it’s important to make sure they get all around and between teeth. Kids are shown models of teeth and are given an opportunity to get to know our dental office, meet the team, and sit in the chair. If kids are, for any reason, uncomfortable, we don’t rush them into treatment.

After kids feel comfortable, we can provide exams, including X-rays, to get an idea of how healthy your child’s smile is. X-rays are an important diagnostic step for treating any issues before they spread. To protect against cavities, Dr. Rohm provides sealants: a simple liquid solution that is applied to the back teeth to prevent debris and food particles from settling there and causing cavities. Sealants are an excellent dental tool for young kids who may not yet have the dexterity to keep their smiles completely clean.

Oral Health Care for Strong Smiles

As soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, it’s a good time to visit the dentist and get kids acclimated to having their teeth cleaned and being in the dental environment. For family dental care in Imperial, PA, we welcome you to our office. Call today for your next visit!

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