Periodontal Disease

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Gum Disease Treatment and Prevention in Imperial

Periodontal disease is a common, but treatable and preventable, dental condition that many adults will experience in their lives. Whether due to inconsistent dental hygiene habits or lack of regular care from a dentist, gum disease can be corrected and managed with help from a skilled dentist. At the office of Dr. John Rohm, we provide treatment for mild and moderate gum disease, so you can benefit healthy tissue and strong teeth for many years to come.

If you’ve noticed some of the tell-tale signs of soft tissue infection, such as irritation and bleeding while you brush, call our office as soon as possible to speak to a member of our team.

Preventing Bleeding Gums and Soft Tissue Irritation

While gum disease is quite common for many American adults, it can be avoided with attention from a dentist and with some good at-home habits. To help patients understand how they can protect their teeth and gums on their own, Dr. Rohm provides detailed oral health education, explaining how bacteria and debris not removed through brushing and flossing remain on teeth, irritating tissue and eventually creating an infection.

In addition to personal oral hygiene tips, Dr. Rohm and his staff pride themselves on excellent dental cleanings. With twice-yearly dental visits, we can ensure that inflammation is prevented or treated before an infection develops. A positive relationship with our dentist and caring for your smile between visits is the most effective strategy for preventing gum disease.

Treatment for Gum Disease 

In cases where soft tissue is detected, Dr. Rohm provides comfortable and effective care to ensure your smile is healthy and safeguarded against future damage. The first step in many cases is a periodontal deep cleaning, where the area below the gum line and along the tooth roots is thoroughly cleaned, ridding these areas of harmful bacteria and debris. While this can be performed with manual dental tools, such as a pick, modern dental technology offered at Dr. Rohm’s office makes this a far more comfortable and effective experience for patients.

Visit Dr. Rohm for laser gum disease treatment that provides the following benefits:

Effective elimination of debris below the gum line
Gentle treatment – local anesthetic is often not required
Precise targeting of the periodontal pocket – surrounding tissue is not affected

Laser dentistry is a great way to get the care you need, without the inconvenience of uncomfortable traditional treatment methods. Our dental office is well-equipped, and we are committed to friendly family dental care that creates beautiful smiles. 

Maintaining your Healthy New Smile

After your smile has been thoroughly cleaned above and below the gum line, it’s important to keep gum disease at bay in the long run. For periodontal patients who have previously exhibited symptoms of infection, additional cleanings and exams may be necessary. Dr. Rohm many years of treating gum disease allow him to keep a close eye on your smile, especially with the addition of another appointment or two throughout the year. 

Once your oral health has been stabilized, you can return to routine twice yearly visits. We make this an excellent opportunity for education as well; your at-home dental habits are an important part of keeping gum disease at bay. 

If you’re looking for a dentist who treatments gum disease in Imperial, PA, visit Dr. Rohm and his friendly team. Our patient-first approach and advanced technology make us an easy choice for keeping your smile healthy.


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