TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)

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Treating Temporomandibular Joint Disorder in Imperial 

Your ability to comfortably speak, chew, and to carry out common day to day jaw movements greatly contributes to your oral health and quality of life. When having difficulty performing these tasks or experiencing discomfort such as headaches and muscle pain, you may have a disorder of the temporomandibular joint, or TMD. 

Experienced dental professional, Dr. John Rohm, is highly trained in treating the many discomforts associated with TMD. He provides treatment for the inflammation and muscular strain related to compromised jaw movement. Whether he is administering gentle therapy or skilled diagnosis of the disorders related to TMD, Dr. John Rohm, and our compassionate dental team are committed to helping patients throughout Imperial, and the Allegheny County communities achieve restored jaw function and renewed quality of life. 

Why Treat TMD? 

Typically, TMD symptoms are temporary and can be treated successfully. More severe complications tend to arise when the temporomandibular joint or related structures have been damaged by injury, trauma, excessive teeth grinding or clenching. These factors cause painful inflammation as well as shift the jaws’ connective tissues out of proper alignment.  Symptoms often include lockjaw, tightness in the jaw as well as the surrounding areas, and discomfort when opening and closing the mouth. 

While TMD and the problems associated with it can have an extensive impact on general well-being, Dr. John Rohm truly enjoys helping patients and offers personalized treatments to alleviate pain and discomfort while restoring your ideal oral function. 

Your TMD Therapy Options from Dr. John Rohm 

At our established Imperial practice, patients can benefit from expert diagnosis of their TMD issues and receive comprehensive treatment all in one place. With the use of our advanced 3D scanner technology, our dentist can identify the source of your discomfort as well as determine the exact areas where our treatments will be most effective. In addition to precise diagnosis, we walk patients throughout every aspect of their treatment and work together to provide ideal solutions.

New and existing patients in need of TMD therapy can have complete confidence in their care, as we provide the following treatments: 

BOTOX® Alternative TMJ Therapy 
TMJ Splints
Occlusal or Bite Correction
Mouth Guards

Dr. Rohm’s primary goal is to eliminate the core problems that are contributing to stiff and limited jaw movement. We offer appliance therapy with splints and mouth guards that are all designed by our trusted outside lab to alleviate the stress of off the bite and allow tense or overworked jaw muscles to relax.

At the dental practice of John Rohm, DMD, our Imperial team also provides alternative TMD treatment with BOTOX® therapy. This innovative solution is designed to relieve tension from headaches and migraines caused by teeth grinding or unnatural clenching. 

When applied, the BOTOX® serum relaxes the strained facial muscles that contribute to irritation. As many patients suffer from TMJ for prolonged periods, Dr. Rohm can help provide nearly instant relief from your discomfort. 

In addition to appliance therapy and BOTOX®, our team advises patients on eating habits and exercises that maximize comfort and reduce inflammation of jaw joints.

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Patients and their families across Allegheny County can visit our established dental practice for a comprehensive TMD and bite evaluation. Dr. John Rohm and his capable team are here to help properly diagnose and treat the source of your discomfort. Call us today! 

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