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Personalized Prosthetic Treatment in Imperial

A smile affected by an unforeseen injury, missing teeth, or severe infection can drastically impact oral health as well as one’s self-confidence. With the many advances in the field of dentistry, tailored restorations make achieving a beautiful, full-functioning smile a reality now more so than ever.

Patients residing throughout the Imperial community suffering from the repercussions of missing teeth or severe damage can count on distinguished dentist, Dr. John Rohm, DMD, for all their restorative needs.

From stunning, natural-looking crowns, dentures, and bridges, to enamel-colored fillings, contact the dental office of John Rohm, DMD in Imperial.

Providing Top-Quality Restorations Throughout Allegheny County

Regardless if patients have experienced dental trauma, or have an entire row of teeth missing, our Imperial team can rejuvenate your smile.

At the practice of John Rohm, DMD, new and existing patients alike can take advantage of the following restoration treatments:

·         Dentures and Partials

·         Bonded Composite Fillings

·         Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

Our custom-crafted prosthetics are designed from our trusted outside lab based to fit the exact specifications of your unique dental state. We offer both traditional and implant-supported prosthetics, and our team will only recommend the right appliance to match your needs.

Dr. John Rohm insists on only using top-quality materials for our restorations such as enamel-colored porcelain and biocompatible, body-safe titanium.

Restoring Natural Beauty and Dental Function with Dr. John Rohm

Our Imperial dentist and knowledgeable staff are committed to completely restoring both dental function and beauty by providing patients with exceptional prosthetic treatments. Individuals who are suffering from the many oral health complications associated with missing teeth can look forward to the comprehensive services administered by Dr. John Rohm, DMD.

We initialize treatment by first bolstering your oral health to ensure the success of your appliances, as well as to rebuild your smile to its natural beauty.

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As a third-generation dental professional, Dr. John Rohm has the passion and experience to replace missing teeth within your smile, as well as restore dental function. We encourage you to call our Imperial dental practice if you or a loved one are looking for top-quality restorative care.

Our entire team compassionately caters to patients and their families throughout the Imperial, Downtown Pittsburg, Robinson, North Fayette, and South Fayette Townships.  

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