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Utilizing Advanced Dental Technology to Care for Your Smile in Imperial

Thanks to ever-advancing modernizations in dental technology, undergoing even the most complex dental procedures has never been more comfortable nor more effective. At our Imperial practice, leading dentist, Dr. John Rohm incorporates state-of-the-art technology into innovative procedures, leaving patients with long-lasting oral health and improved smiles.

Why Dental Technology?

The recent developments in technology and dentistry have molded together to create equipment that enhances the overall patient experience, producing long-lasting, immediate results. As more and more technology has been developed, today’s modern dental patient now has more options for effective and affordable treatment to treat minor to complex dental issues accurately.

From digital x-rays to computer-designed and produced restorations, dental technology helps our patients better understand the unique structures, needs, and treatment of their smiles which, in turn, inspires them to become more proactive with their long-term oral health. Also, dental technology helps our dentist create truly personalized treatment plans that effectively address even the most underlying dental issues before they cause damage to our patients’ smile and overall well-being. 

The Many Technological Advancements at John Rohm, DMD

During your personalized procedure, Dr. Rohm and his team also utilize the following dental technologies to address the specific needs of your oral health effectively: 

Digital Imaging- Initiating your treatment with digital x-rays, our Imperial dentist uses portable x-rays to capture highly-detailed images of your current dental state. Not only do these photos provide our team with an in-depth look at your smile, but they also allow us to identify various changes or abnormalities that may prompt further examination.

Carestream Intraoral Scanners- Whether Dr. Rohm is crafting your restorative, prosthetic, or cosmetic dental procedure, our CS 3600 intraoral scanner allows for smarter, more accurate, and efficient digital impressions, which capture your unique dental anatomy. By utilizing this technology both our patients and team benefit from improved treatment planning and effective results. 

Soft-Tissue Lasers-  Commonly used for periodontal maintenance, this innovative technology can make complex treatments minimally invasive as the affected tissues does not need to be cut. Our soft-tissue laser experience is gentler than traditional procedures that require drills, tissue extraction with scalpels, or other more invasive treatment techniques. Dental laser care is typically an easy and convenient treatment option without the aftereffects of swelling, scarring, and discomfort.    

Benefiting Your Long-Term Financial and Oral Health

Our well-equipped in-office technology also provides our patients with a multitude of advantages. As we implement these tools into our procedures, this often leads to the increased longevity of comprehensive treatments that you and your loved ones can enjoy.  

Another benefit of our advanced technology is the early identification of certain dental conditions that help our patients receive care soon after these problems are detected, preventing the requirement for extensive and costly care in the future. 

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At the dental practice of John Rohm, DMD, our entire team is committed to helping patients find the right solutions for their smiles by offering a wide variety of tailored procedures enhanced with state-of-the-art technology. For more information about improving your next visit with our dental technology, call our Imperial office today!

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